Finja001 - Finja001

User. Finja001
Name. Finja001
Age. 66
Sexual Preference. Straight
Height. 5'5" - 5'9"
Weight. over 205lbs
Breast Size. Big
Hair Color. Brown
Hair Length. Shoulder length
Eye Color. Green
Build. Above average
Ethnicity. White
Gender. female

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Very nice woman.
I'm happy if you visit me in chat, I like to go with you in pvt, and see you all things what ye will,because ye know in free chat show is banned, so to equal,love greetings finja001
hello, finja001, I have from time to time new pictures of me, they can see you but please at times, I liked you? I'm happy if you will give me a good rating.I'm usually so about 17 hours (German time) to 19 hours (German time) online, but you can do it even once in the morning, noon or try, maybe I'm also there are times all - German times -
hello, I'm Finja001, in mature age, experience, breasts open to many things, chubby, big,'ve always lust for beautiful, hot sex. easy experience, enjoy, are you feeling the same way? maybe I'm the one you've been looking for! do you want to know more of me! how about a visit to the chat? us to know each other better, and determine obs fits with us? I see you also like front of the cam. na I made you curious on, try it just once with me! am pleased to meet you, - my motto - what is not, can be -denkst you agree? well then I'm happy to welcoming you in my might also be interested in my pictures / videos that you want to watch you advance happy once to make up your mind then. So maybe soon, lg.
Thank you Finja. Nice face and body. mmmmmmmmmm kiss
very lovely lady
hello, I am an experienced woman, 60 j. but I still love the hot sex, I'm open to anything that you fulfill almost every wish. pleasure to get to know me, then let me knowin pvt, and see more of me. I am pleased. lg.
I enjoy chatting with you ;p
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You are so sexy
Lets talk dirty lover!
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